About Us

As specialists in glass and aluminium, Eximus takes pride in our product quality and service. We specialize in any purpose made aluminium and glass products and have a large range of products to offer. We take pride in what we do and have a combined experience in design, manufacturing and installation of over 20 years.

We also advise architects and builders on which products to use and provide them with the necessary specifications. So we are confident and capable of taking on any job – big or small.

Our Mission & Vision

As aluminium and glass experts, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality products through excellent workmanship and proud after-sales service on all installations.

We aim to maintain and grow our market share by sustainable relationships and understanding between ourselves, suppliers, employees and most importantly – our clients.

Our Objectives

Manufacture & install quality products
Structural design/project management for residential & commercial development
Coordination & integration of roles & services
Develop & empower staff members
Create & maintain a skilled labour force
Create an environment that is conducive for learning, manufacturing & development
Quality training that promotes & enhances productivity & employability


We offer only the highest level of service and workmanship in the aluminium and glass industry, so get in touch with us today for a quote.